Image: Pop-Art ANDORA - Minimax Design Fire Extinguisher Launch Campaign

Andreas Waldner


What does sustainable Marketing mean?

Marketing is the economic explanation for the principle according to which companies or organisations operate. It means to meet the prevailing human needs with an offer to satisfy them. Therefore, marketing is the basis of the existence of companies and organisations in market-oriented social systems...


Hirschmann Antennas

Implementation of a new advertising line and further development of the corporate design.

James Bond

Press report from the trade magazine HORIZONT about product placement of Interstuhl.

Minimax Design fire extinguisher

Launch campaign Andora Pop Art fire extinguisher.

PROPKO Summit and Award

Kai Wiesinger receives the PROPKO Award 2016 for "The paint is off" with Opel.

Creation and publication of the Product Placement Monitor 2010 in the publication series of the Nürtingen-Geislingen University for Economy and Environment



Dedication to accuracy and functionality in tradition of the Swabian work ethos.

Years of experience


Not only based on theory but essentially by practical implementation at the forefront


An eye for the meaningful and feasible through knowledge gained from permanent practice and reflection


Many projects and companies do not start successful from the beginning, but become so in the process, including attempts - failures - improved attempts, combined with common sense and persistence




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