Hirschmann Antennas

Implementation of a new advertising line and further development of the corporate design.

James Bond

Press report from the trade magazine HORIZONT about product placement of Interstuhl.

PROPKO Summit and Award

Kai Wiesinger receives the PROPKO Award 2016 for "The paint is off" with Opel.

Schwaben Bräu

Product placement (visual and verbal) and extensive cross-promotion measures with top results in the area of digital activation.

Stuttgarter Zeitung (newspaper)

PROPKO Summit and Award / Andreas Waldner 2019

Business as usual - der Prophet fliegt mit

Product placement Apple, IDEAL document shredder and Mercedes-Benz. The short film by Lenn Kudrjawizki was awarded the Human Rights Award of Amnesty International.

Movie Kokowääh 2

Product placement and cross promotion measures Interstuhl.

Dogs of Berlin (Netflix Serie)

Customer reference

FC Bayern München

Initiation and establishment of the sponsoring partnership with Interstuhl as official office chair partner.

Movie: Wuff - follow the dog

Product Placement Volvo

Bakery Veit - University for Economy and Environment Nuertingen-Geislingen

Initiation and establishment of the sponsoring partnership.

Baden-Württemberg Monument Foundation

Conception and implementation of benefit events: 1999: Schloss Neuenstein, in favour of "Schwarzer Hof" Ingelfingen (picture: Carl Duke of Württemberg and Catherine Princess of Hohenlohe-Öhringen); 2000: Schloss Zeil, in favour of "Gotisches Haus" Leutkirch; 2001: Schloss Salem, in favour of "Autofähre Meersburg ex Konstanz".